Baby Sign Language

Could baby sign language benefit your family?

Have you ever wondered what your baby is thinking? What do you do when they’re crying and you don’t know why?

What if they could just tell you what they need?

Baby sign language is a simple yet powerful way to connect with your child, even before they can speak.

  • Learning a few simple gestures allows you to avoid a lot of the frustration and guesswork that happens when your baby cries.
  • Easier communication strengthens your bond.
  • Recognising and eventually using signs supports your baby’s cognitive development, building their vocabulary and laying the foundation for reading.

“Thanks Roya for teaching us a new way to communicate with our babies. My little one and I really enjoyed your class.”

Yadira and her baby, August 2016

Infant Communication Baby Sign Language Workshop

In this one hour workshop you hear my story and find out how I can help your family build better communication right from the start. 

You learn about the benefits of signing, especially how it supports multilingual families. 

I teach you the 5 most useful signs and when to use them with your baby.

You’ll be introduced to my complete proven step by step online course that will make sure your baby can communicate with you before they can talk. 

I’ll answer your questions. 

“A great introduction to signing with your baby. I couldn’t believe how many signs we covered in such a short session!”

Lynsey and her baby – August 2016

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Baby sign language workshop at the Womanhood Studio in Delft – 2016

“The introduction to baby sign language was very nice, interesting and fun!”

Elsa and her baby – July 2016

Infant Communication Book

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