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Family Project Pack – Snails

Would you like to work on a project together with your children? Something that you also find interesting and can learn from together with your little ones?

My children and I have been working together for the last month to produce the perfect family project!

‘This is a beautiful project.
Fabian and I enjoyed reading the text together this afternoon. We both learned a lot about snails! The activities are well-thought and enjoyable. This is a lovely family project!’


What do you get?

  • Something to do together as a family, helping every member learn something new and interesting.
  • Help for children to learn new words in English.
  • 20 pages of activities – value that lasts a couple of weeks rather than a single sitting.
  • Activities that kids (age 6+) can do alone to give parents a break!
  • No extra shopping, everything can be done with household items.

Recommended Age Range for the Family Project: 3 years old +

The project as a whole is suitable for children who are old enough to understand not to squish the snails (3+), but there’s something for all ages. Younger children will need help from an adult or an older sibling.


  • This is a digital product with some special printable pages. You will receive a pdf file which you can view on a tablet, on your phone or on a computer.
  • With a pdf editing app (the type where you draw on the screen with your finger or a stylus) the entire project can be used on a tablet without printing anything.
  • The whole project can be printed to reduce screen time (we recommend printing in colour).

Price: $15

For the price of a 45 minute group English lesson get a project pack that will give you value for a couple of weeks!

To celebrate the launch of this fab new rescource we are offering a 50% discount for the first 5 purchases. Use this code: NEWSNAILS

What people are saying about this project pack:

‘I love that it’s readable on different devices, mobile, computer, tablet. I think it’s a really interesting read for little ones and super exciting!’


‘We found that the project was good fun and that it would be usable by younger children with a grown-up/older sibling or by older kids on their own. I looked through the project with my 10-year-old, who thought it was a very cool idea!’


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