The 5 Day Challenge

Get started with baby sign language and enjoy less fussing and more fun with your baby

Announcing a brand new mini training program:

I’m looking forward to teaching you the 5 signs I found most useful when my babies were small. The same 5 signs that have helped many families like yours enjoy better communication with their preverbal babies.

The challenge:

-Every day for 5 days you’ll receive a 2 minute video and an action point that can be completed in a couple of minutes

-Can you learn all 5 signs? Will you start using them with your baby?

-You’ll be in good company, doing the challenge together with other families in our community

-If your baby is older than 9 months there is a good chance they will sign back to you before the end of the challenge!

The FREE challenge will run from Monday 14th-18th September 2020, sign up here to receive the videos directly to your inbox:

Free 5 Day Challenge Sign Up

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