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International Families in Geneva

You can raise your children with all your languages

You can truly enjoy the transition to parenthood, create a super strong bond with your baby from within the womb and kick start your child’s language development.
You can raise a multilingual child.
Let’s stop parenting in isolation – join the English Voice Academy community

New Total Development Package!

English Voice x Little Pandas

We’re thrilled to bring you this all in one package so that your child can easily develop to their full potential with support from qualified and experienced teachers and facilitators.

The Little Pandas team and I have been working hard to design this course so that your little one can not only learn English, but also develop their social skills, their physical motor skills, their artistic skills and so so much more.

Imagine in a year having a child totally comfortable in their own skin who loves chatting away English.

Only 4 spots available!

Expecting Parents

Create your family’s first language plan so you can start off with great language habits. You’ll be able to stop worrying about whether it’s really possible for your baby to grow up with all your languages. Form a super strong bond with your little one from within the womb and learn about baby body language so you know how to respond to their needs and wants – you’ll truly enjoy the transition to parenthood!


Our signature Infant Communication Signs Method (baby sign language) will improve communication in your family, strengthen your bond and bridge your languages so you can relax into being parents. Be confident that your languages will not confuse your baby or delay their speech.

Toddlers and Preschoolers

Confidently raise a multilingual child at home in all their languages and cultures (without worrying about losing one of your family languages). Our English lessons will guarantee your success!

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Put together a wonderful multilingual home library.

You can truly enjoy raising your child with all your languages!

English Voice Academy Launch Party!

Meet baby experts and discover small businesses supporting international families in Geneva.

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