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Guest Post for the Delft Mama Blog

Delft Mama is a fantastic parenting organisation based in Delft in the Netherlands. They were a great support when my children came along and I was very happy to contribute a post to their blog – Communicate with your infant using baby sign language.

Video Series created by Dr Nina Bogerd at Birth Your Way

Nina is an inspiration and a champion for women in business. Our children went to the same school in Delft in the Netherlands. When she heard about my work she asked me if she could create some videos about it. It was a privilege to work together to produce this set of 6 short films about what I do and why I do it.

Let’s Collaborate!

I love working together with other mums in business. If you look after an international audience of multilingual families, get in touch and let’s create something fabulous for them.

Interview with Johanne Bade

Johanne Bade is a Parenting Coach on a mission to help every mum have it all. She’s currently living her dream with her family in Mexico and having great adventures helping mums so they can get the best out of parenting.

Infant Communication Baby Sign language with multilingual children

My first collaboration with Dr Ute Limacher-Riebold was a wonderful discussion of my Infant Communication method and why I’m so passionate about bringing it to as many international families as possible.

Interview with female entrepreneur Roya Caviglia

I love my work and it was fun being interviewed about what I do by the lovely Jennifer for the personal lifestyle blog

Baby Sign Language: Basic Signs to Teach your Baby

I wrote a guest post for Check it out and learn the 5 most useful signs we use in my Infant Communication method.

How to foster our 4-7 year old children’s reading skills in multiple languages

I wondered what the best way to help my children learn to read in several languages is, so I asked the expert Dr Ute Limacher-Riebold. Find out what you can do to to support your children with their multilingual reading.

Infant Communication via Baby Sign Language

I held a workshop at the daycare, True Colors Delft, and wrote a feature for their online magazine. Read the article to find out why they use my Infant Communication method at this fantastic daycare.

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You can truly enjoy raising your child with all your languages!

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