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-Infant Communication Workshops

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“Infant Communication becomes part of your routine. When I say ‘play’ I use the symbol. The rest happens like magic if you just consistently use it in your routine. It has helped a lot of frustration and it is just magical to see how quickly these young children learn to communicate”

Maaike, daycare teacher
at True Colors, Delft, Netherlands – November 2021

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! We truly love Online Storytime. My son was practising some English words today.”

Laura and her 3 year old son – November 2020

“Thank you so much for the English lessons. The girls have really enjoyed them and they have gotten more confidence with understanding and speaking.”

Christi – Mother of two girls, 5 & 7 years old, who had classes to help them prepare to join an international school abroad – March 2020

“Aiden signs milk, more, bed! It was so exciting to see it work… she is now starting to talk more but thank you for introducing it to us so early on. I tell all the new mums how great it is to do.”

Celien and her 1 year old daughter – March 2016

“Thanks Roya for teaching us a new way to communicate with our babies. My little one and I really enjoyed your class.”

Yadira and her baby – August 2016

“A great introduction to signing with your baby. I couldn’t believe how many signs we covered in such a short session.”

Lynsey and her baby – August 2016

“You always encourage me and your understanding of what I spoke gave me confidence in my English. And you also taught me living English, which I cannot learn in textbook.”

Goro Miyamoto, one to one course pre-intermediate level – March 2014

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