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Is your baby 0-2 years old?

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Are you finding it difficult to understand your baby’s needs and wants?

What do you do when they are crying and you can’t understand why?

It can be so frustrating for you and your baby when this happens.

Or what about figuring out how to include all your family languages in day to day life? I know the regrets that come when one of the family languages gets neglected. It feels really bad when your parents can’t communicate with their grandchild. You want your baby to have meaningful relationships with your friends and family back home.

I’m Roya, a parent of two. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed, alone and lost when it comes to bringing up children far from family and support.

I had my babies abroad and we’re raising them with 3 languages.

Focusing on communication with my babies changed everything.

I want you to know that you can create a strong bond with your baby from within the womb, understand their needs and wants and parent with joy and confidence.

Your child will grow up multilingual, feel at home in all their cultures, be close to family abroad and enjoy the opportunities of an international lifestyle.

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  • Find out about the benefits of focusing on communication with your baby
  • Kick start language development in all your family languages
  • Discover how your preverbal baby can tell you clearly what they need and want
  • Learn the 5 most useful baby signs
  • Find out who I am and why I can help your family

Note: The Infant Communication Method is for ALL babies. I believe it will help families with deaf babies start on their signing journey, but this method is primarily for babies who can hear.

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Put together a wonderful multilingual home library.

You can truly enjoy raising your child with all your languages!

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Meet baby experts and discover small businesses supporting international families in Geneva.

You can enjoy less fussing and more fun with your baby!

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