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Let’s stop the crying and frustration

Your baby can communicate their needs and wants to you before they can speak.
Find out how in the FREE guide to getting started with Infant Communication.

Hi, Roya here. Are you worried about whether your child will be able to become multilingual? I help families like yours enjoy less fussing and more fun with their babies while kick starting development in all their languages.

I will help you stop the crying by focusing on communication with your baby from birth so you have better tools to understand your baby and they can express their needs in other ways (without crying). This allows you to be the calm, confident parent you want to be. Stress free communication helps your child successfully learn all your family languages.

Download your FREE Guide: Get Started with Infant Communication

  • Find out about the benefits of focusing on communication with your baby
  • Discover how your preverbal baby can tell you clearly what they need and want
  • Kick start language development – especially good for international multilingual families
  • Learn the 5 most useful signs
  • Hear my story and how I can help your family

I’ve worked with:

Put together a wonderful multilingual home library.

You can truly enjoy raising your child with all your languages!

English Voice Academy Launch Party!

Meet baby experts and discover small businesses supporting international families in Geneva.

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Let's stop the crying and frustration!

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