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The top 10 must have baby items

What we used and loved when our kids were babies

I love working with families and one of the best things is chatting about babies. During the lockdown I really missed organising my baby sign language workshops and being in a room full of babies. I can’t wait to start again soon!

Often at the end of a workshop we would get into a discussion about our favourite baby products. My youngest is 3 now and we’re moving out of the baby stage, so I thought I’d make a post about our favourite affordable must have baby items so that I can send new parents to this list. I’ll also include the baby books that had the most impact on me.

Let me know if you try any of them and how you like them!

1. Thermos Mug for Mum.

First let’s take care of mum! This is a MUST otherwise once your baby arrives you will NEVER drink a hot drink again. Seriously, don’t hesitate, get the mug and always enjoy your favourite beverage hot. Life-changing.

2. The Best Sippy Cup

This one doesn’t leak and it helps your little one learn how to drink from a cup. We skipped bottles and went straight to this with our daughter, it’s brilliant. Ours came with a lid, make sure to use that when you put it in your bag.

3. Cotton muslins

You can use these for anything, they’re so good. Get the regular sized ones and use them as washable nappies, spit up cloths, bibs, protection for your clothes/sofa/car, wiping up cloth, a tie up bag to carry apples or other food… Get the big ones and the list of uses is endless! I’ve used our big ones as a pram cover to keep the sun off, a swaddle, a cot sheet, a pram sheet, a blanket to sit on in the garden, a table cloth for our balcony table, a sarong wrap for me on holiday, a towel, it makes a great hair towel, superman cape for older sibling…

4. Soft finger toothbrush

Get baby used to brushing before their teeth arrive. This is a great way to gently take care of those first tender milk teeth.

5. Boba Baby Carrier

This thing was life-saving with our first baby. He was sensitive and would never nap in his bed, only on us! We liked this carrier because it was quick and easy to adjust so my husband and I could both use it regularly. I also enjoyed wearing it on my back when he was a bit bigger so I could move around and do things.

6. Bath Flower

I was never confident about using the baby bath, it was heavy and difficult to empty and my babies were so slippery! I used to make my husband do bath time. That changed when I found the bath flower, it’s so clever. It’s a cushion that can change any sink into a safe bathing space for your baby. We had a big yellow one. Such a great prop for taking cute baby photos too.

7. Fleece backed bibs

I tried a lot of different bibs, but my favourites were the ones that the drool didn’t get all the way through. Soggy bibs are just yucky! These are fleece backed and work perfectly, they absorb the slobber on the top and keep baby dry underneath.

8. Elevating Child Care: A Guide to Respectful Parenting

This book by Janet Landsbury had a great impact on the way that I thought about my babies. Babies are not helpless but rather whole people who happen to be dependent on us. This mind-shift made me more patient, understanding and respectful of my babies and made me more determined to communicate with them from day 1. She has a great book about discipline that’s worth checking out too.

9. The Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Years

This reference book by Dr. Walter Cook M.D. and Dr. Kelsey Klaas M.D. is very reassuring. There is a lot of very well researched and carefully considered information to get you through the most bewildering things that happen to you with a newborn in the family!

10. The Wonder Weeks

This work by Xaviera Plooij, Frans X. Plooij PhD and Hetty van de Rijt PhD is full of science-based baby development outlined month by month in a very accessible way. Learn when to expect development leaps, fussy periods and document your baby’s progress all in one book. Fascinating!

Last but not least, surprise number 11, download my own book about Infant Communication for free.

I answer the most common questions I’ve been asked over the last 6 years of developing my method to help you connect and bond with your baby while kick-starting their development in all your languages.

Enjoy these fleeting precious months with your baby and let me know how you get on. I hope these tips will help you get off to a good start 🙂

***Note, there are affiliate links in this post. I might receive a few pennies on items you purchase using these links. You don’t pay extra, you just save time because you don’t need to search for these things yourself. I have personal experience with all these items and they were very useful for our family. I hope you enjoy them too.

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