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Geneva – Our New Home

We’ve just moved to Geneva in Switzerland. Let me show you what it’s like here.

We moved to Geneva

We’ve moved away from our Delft home in the Netherlands and settled down surrounded by mountains in the beautiful Switzerland.

It’s been a tough couple of months, living out of suitcases, driving the 10 hours up and down from the Netherlands to Switzerland a couple of times, not knowing where we’re going to live or whether it’s all going to work out well.

But now we’re here. We found a beautiful apartment in a pretty village with a mountain view and the centre of Geneva just half an hour away by tram.

We’ve enjoyed snow and now it’s super warm, 15 degrees Celsius (59F) and all the snow has melted. The big question everyone is asking this week is will it get cold enough to dump a whole load of snow in the alps so we can go skiing?

We still have a lot of things to deal with, so much admin; health insurance, getting organised with school, setting up utilities and new mobile phone services, finding teachers for piano lessons, French lessons, skiing lessons…

It’s funny because the administration that we have to do nowadays is in 3 languages. Sometimes English, but mostly Dutch and French. I find it quite challenging but also appreciate the opportunity to practice and improve my language skills. Thank goodness for Google Translate!

We lived in Geneva many years ago, so in some ways it’s like coming home. We’re reconnecting with old friends and some of them have children. So our kids have friends already. We’ve been playing outside together, ice skating and walking dogs.

So far our children have adjusted very well. Moving house is not easy for children, naturally they miss our friends in Delft. What’s interesting is how excited they are about all the possibilities for adventure we have in our new home. They’re positive so far about learning their fourth language, French, and have already tried out some simple phrases when out and about.

My nearly 7 year old son says this about moving: ‘I’m happy. The best thing is that you discover new things.’ He says there are no ‘worst things’ about moving abroad.

My 4 year old daughter says ‘I have new friends and I like our new house.’

Now we’re here I hope to get into a weekly routine of writing on the blog, I have a list of topics about raising multilingual children and focusing on English especially. I plan to post on Mondays. Does that suit you? Will you follow along?

Hopefully soon, if the pandemic allows, I’ll be able to organise some workshops in Geneva. Or perhaps we can meet online for events. Make sure to sign up below to receive workshop invitations and get your free gift pack. Your kids will love the Gruffalo reading activity, mine found it a lot of fun.

Please share the blog with your friends so we can build a supportive community of families raising their children with several languages.

I’d love to know about your international experiences. How did you feel when you moved abroad? How did your children react? Comment below or email me at info @

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