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How to use Infant Communication Baby Sign Language with Multilingual Children

Is introducing some baby sign language a good idea for multilingual families? Have you ever wondered whether baby sign language can help multilingual families communicate earlier with their baby in all their languages, before they can even speak?

Dr Ute Limacher-Riebold, Family Language Consultant, and I discuss how the Infant Communication Method can bridge communication in all your family languages in our chat on YouTube. Tap below to watch it now:

These are some of the questions we answer in the video:

4:23 How does the Infant Communication Baby Sign Language method (ICBSL) differ from official Sign Languages?
8:42 When can we start learning ICBSL and when can we expect our children to respond by using the signs?
12:52 If my child is already 2,5 years old and verbal: Is it too late to start with ICBSL? Will it hinder my child becoming more verbal?
18:42 Is it not too much for multilingual families to add ICBSL to their other home languages?
25:05 How can ICBSL help daycare and preschool teachers communicate with children who are not verbal (yet) in the required language.
27:57 What happens when my child gets older? How will the use of ICBSL evolve?

Watch the video directly on YouTube here:

Please let us know your questions and share your experience in the comments !

Make sure to visit the English Voice Academy’s sister site,, to download your free copy of my Get Started with Infant Communication Guide.

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You can truly enjoy raising your child with all your languages!

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