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Infant Communication Online Challenge


  • Do you struggle to understand what your baby needs or wants?
  • Would you like to confidently raise a multilingual child?
  • Have you tried to use baby sign language but it just doesn’t seem to work for you?

Let’s solve these problems together!

I’m looking forward to sharing the 5 baby signs I found most useful when my babies were small. The same 5 signs that have helped many international families like yours enjoy better communication and less frustration with their preverbal babies.

The last time I ran this challenge we had a lot of fun and families experienced measurable improvements in their communication with their babies.

The Infant Communication 5 Day Challenge:

  • Every day for 5 days you’ll receive a 2 minute video and an action point that can be completed in a couple of minutes.
  • Can you learn all 5 signs? Will you start using them with your baby?
  • You’ll be in good company, doing the challenge together with other families in our community
  • If your baby is older than 9 months there is a good chance they will sign back to you before the end of the challenge week!


When – Starts Monday 21st February

What – The 5 most useful signs and when to use them with your baby to create the habit of focusing on better communication

How much – You decide what it’s worth to your family and how much you can afford

Commitment – 10 minutes maximum per day for 5 days – You watch a 2 minute video and then complete a quick assignment to share with our community

The Infant Communication challenge starts on Monday 21st February, make sure to sign up before then to receive the videos directly to your inbox.

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