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Infant Communication Coming soon to Geneva

Planning Infant Communication Workshops

I know what your newborn baby is trying to tell you! Do you want to know too?

I’m making plans for Infant Communication workshops and English Language Courses online and in Geneva. Now that we’ve been in Switzerland for a couple of months I’m turning my attention back to my passion – supporting international families with raising multilingual children from birth.

When we were expecting our first baby we knew that we really wanted him to be trilingual. But we didn’t know many people raising their children with 3 languages. And we didn’t really know how to do it. What if it was too difficult or stressful for our son? Or what if we confused him?

I researched baby sign language a lot. We tried different methods for implementing it. Finally we figured out the best way to use it as a multilingual family and my Infant Communication Method started to form.

After 7 years of teaching this method online and in the Netherlands I am confident that it will work for your family too.

‘Infant Communication just becomes part of your routine. When I say ‘play’ I use the symbol. The rest happens like magic if you just consistently use it in your routine. But it has helped a lot of frustration and it is just magical to see how quickly these young children learn to communicate’.

Maaike daycare teacher November 2021

Coming soon online

Infant Communication 5 day challenge

I’ll be running my 5 day challenge to getting started with Infant Communication Baby Sign Language in February 2022.

Sign up to join the online challenge here:

  • Learn the 5 most useful signs
  • Find out how international families like yours use them to facilitate communication with their baby
  • Kick start development in all your languages from infancy
  • Join our global Infant Communication community
  • Stop the crying before it starts so you can enjoy less fussing and more fun with your baby
  • Develop the strong bond with your little one that you’ve been dreaming of

‘Thanks Roya for teaching us a new way to communicate with our babies. My little one and I really enjoyed your class.’

Yadira and her baby August 2016

Coming soon to Geneva

Infant Communication Workshop
Introduction to Infant Communication Workshop at the Womanhood Studio in Delft, The Netherlands

I’m looking for a location to run my Infant Communication workshops and English Language Courses in the city of Geneva.

If you know a good place where international mums like to gather, please let me know. It could be a baby friendly cafe, a yoga studio or some other welcoming location.

Workshops ready to go:

  • Communicating with your baby while pregnant and during the newborn months
  • An introduction to the Infant Communication Method
  • Getting started with raising a multilingual child
  • An introduction to Elimination Communication
  • How to teach your infant to love books
  • Preparing to read – introducing the sounds of English
  • Getting started with reading in English

Which one will you join? Make sure to sign up anywhere on this site to receive all the details. I can’t wait to meet you and your family. Tell your friends so they can benefit too.

‘Thank you so much for the English lessons. The girls have really enjoyed them and they have gotten more confidence with understanding and speaking.’

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Put together a wonderful multilingual home library.

You can truly enjoy raising your child with all your languages!

English Voice Academy Launch Party!

Meet baby experts and discover small businesses supporting international families in Geneva.

You can enjoy less fussing and more fun with your baby!

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