Online Storytime is back! See below for info.

We love helping children to become proficient and confident with using English. We have extensive experience with teaching children of most age groups. The method used depends on the age of the child and personal family goals. Here are some examples:

  • Infants learn to recognise high frequency vocabulary (e.g. colours, numbers, weather), they listen to English nursery rhymes and songs for children and play games.
  • Small children learn to read using the Oxford University Press reading series used in 80% of British primary schools.
  • Older children study English using topics that they are interested in. Or they can benefit from tutoring that follows what they are studying at school.

Would you like to organise a course for your child?

Please email info @ with information about your child’s needs and goals and we will make a plan.

“Thank you so much for the English lessons. The girls have really enjoyed them and they have gotten more confidence with understanding and speaking.”

Christi – Mother of two girls, 5 & 7 years old, who had classes to help them prepare to join an international school abroad – March 2020

Online Storytime

We’re very happy that Online Storytime is back.

We read beautiful books from our family library, most probably those in our extensive Julia Donaldson collection.
Your kids hear rhyme which is very important for learning to read.
We sing together. Each week I send you the link to a video of us singing the nursery rhyme so you and your child(ren) can prepare and learn the song.
At the end we can have a little chat and your children can show us their toys (as time allows).

Join us and get your little one(s) started with English!

  • When: Wednesdays at 4pm for 30 minutes (starting Wednesday 18th November)
  • Teacher: Roya
  • Where: Online via Zoom
  • For: 2-5 year olds – although slightly younger or older kids will find this fun too
  • How much: €15 per family, all siblings welcome
  • Payment and conditions: Tikkie or invoice for 4 lessons, valid over 5 weeks. No minimum attendance, class always goes ahead. No lessons during school holidays.

Email to enroll at: info @

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We truly love Online Storytime. My son was practising some English words today.

Laura and her 3 year old son- November 2020

Infant Communication via Baby Sign Language

Did you know that your preverbal baby can communicate with you even before they can speak? Check out the page about Baby Sign Language.

Get your copy of the free guide: Your baby can communicate with you before they can speak

Connect with families using Baby Sign Language in our Facebook Group. You are very welcome to join us!

“Aiden signs milk, more, bed! It was so exciting to see it work… she is now starting to talk more but thank you for introducing it to us so early on. I tell all the new mums how great it is to do.”

Celien and her 1 year old daughter – March 2016